Although the upper elevations were bare, spring was indeed creeping up the mountain. On this afternoon our group of 12 photographers captured clouds and mist swirling in the mountains just before sunset. At first we were a bit let down as we hoped for a spectacular sunset. Instead mother-nature gave us clouds and mist filtering through the trees. A 200mm telephoto allowed us to frame with just the most interesting details of the sky and mountains. I used ISO 200 to obtain 1/90th sec exposure to stop the motion of the mist and clouds, and to minimize any camera shake from the windy conditions at Morton Overlook.
105592_3_blog_wEquipment & Settings:
Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 100-400, F16, @ Approx. 200mm
ISO 200, 1/90th sec.
Gitzo Tripod
Really Right Stuff Ball Head