Experience the Ultimate in Photo Instruction, Critique & Guidance!

Spend an unforgettable day or more with Adam Jones, Canon Explorer of Light for field or classroom instruction designed just for your needs. Adam will speak with you and review your images prior to your arrival and design a custom workshop for your specific needs and photographic goals.

Join Adam for a day(s) of nature photography in and around my hometown of Louisville, KY, or at a location of your choosing.

Sessions can be booked for image processing, field photography, or both.  Topics of discussion are strictly up to what you want. Adam is happy to provide guidance in topic selection after speaking with you and reviewing your work.


*Subjects: Finding the best subjects to photograph.

*Understanding the components of lighting: Quality, Direction, Quantity and how it impacts the final image.

*Designing strong graphic compositions using the elements of design: Line, Shape, Pattern, Color, Texture, and Form

*Why backgrounds and lighting ratios are so critical.

*Using depth of field creatively

*Understanding how your camera meter works, and what Metering Pattern and Priority Modes to use.

*Mastering manual metering mode!

*Getting the exposure right in camera, in the field, for the best possible results in post processing

*Field proven tools and techniques for tack sharp wildlife and nature images.

*Autofocus points and focus tracking for birds and wildlife

*Getting tack sharp images with teleconverters on long lenses and macro.

*Micro Adjusting your lenses for maximum sharpness!

*Macro: Explore the wonders of the close up world and the gadgets necessary: Macro Lenses, Rails, Extension Tubes, Teleconverters, Flash, RingFlash, Depth of Field

*Flash: When and why to use as a fill light, balanced with the ambient light, or as the main light source.

*Landscapes: Getting the entire image sharp from near to far in one shot.  Composing creatively with wide angle and telephoto lenses for dramatic compositions.

* Dealing with high contrast landscapes

*Focus Stacking: Using multiple focused shots to have unlimited depth of field

*My personal workflow: “Let’s edit your images together”

*Editing Raw Images, Captioning, Cataloging, Backup cautions and solutions

*Luminosity Masking: Taking your image processing to the next level

*Realistic HDR: Photoshop, Aurora Pro

*Sizing images for web and printing

*Profiling monitor and printer for perfect prints

*Printing your images

*Image review and critique

Fee:  $1,500.00 per day, plus expenses
Group rates available upon request


For more information, or to register by mail, please email me: