Palouse in Spring

It had been a while since last photographing the Palouse, in fact it was while still shooting film. What fun it was to return with modern state of the art digital equipment. The rolling hills, farms, and old cars were as beautiful as remembered. There were not as many fields of canola and mustard flowers as some years.
Palouse in SpringWe did find several really vast scenes of yellow. We had a beautiful blue sky, so in this variation the sky was featured more than the canola. An aperture of F11 was chosen to ensure sharpness from near to far. It really is vital you know where to go in this are area, there are 3,000 square miles to explore, and its very easy to spend all your time driving around looking for the best locations. More to come as I process images: Red barns and wheat fields!!!

Equipment & Settings:
Gitzo Tripod
Really Right Stuff ballhead
Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 24-105 @ 65mm, Fll, 1/320 sec, ISO 100

Smoky Mountains Photography Workshop

Well its time again to dust off our camera sensors for our annual Smokies spring workshop with good friend and co-leader Donna Eaton. Our workshop is April 17-21.  We like to arrive a few days early to scout locations. This time of year, we always bring plenty of clothing to cover weather extremes. Hats, gloves, and winter coats are often used at Clingmans Dome at sunrise and sunset. Of course we pack sturdy shoes for walking and hiking.
145269_2_blog_wWe visit our favorite streams, waterfalls, and cascades when the light is overcast or raining lightly. When there are scattered clouds or clearing storms we always head up to one of our favorite lookouts hoping for a spectacular interaction of light, clouds, and mountain vistas.

We use all our lenses into the photo shoot: from fisheye lenses for a worms-eye views of the forest, to 400-500mm lenses for wildlife and compressed mountain views. Since it will be spring, we’ll aim our cameras at abundant wildflowers, such as trillium, phlox, and phacelia often covering large areas near the Chimneys Picnic area.

Hope our paths cross in the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains N.P.
Adam Jones