April 23 – 26, 2022

Location: Laguna Seca Ranch, Texas

Leader(s): Adam Jones & Ruth Hoyt

Pricing: $2,495

Deposit : $800

Participants: Maximum 10

This exclusive workshop takes place on the Laguna Seca ranch just north of Edinburg, Texas. Adam and Ruth’s bird photography workshop is designed to teach you how to create stunning images of the many bird species of the Rio Grande Valley.

Adam and Ruth will share their knowledge on how to set up and arrange perches for natural looking beautiful images. With a limit of 5 photographers per instructor you are assured plenty of personal attention from Adam and Ruth.

The ranch is located just north of Edinburg, Texas. The ranch owner feeds the birds daily, year round at the blind locations situated around small ponds. This creates a lot of bird activity around the blinds, which we customize by setting up our own perches in perfect locations for photographers.